Plus1 WapStart System. General terms

1. Terms

1.1. Partner — a registered user of Plus1 WapStart System, Advertiser and/or the Owner of an Internet resource;

1.2. Advertiser — a person (incl. advertising agencies and advertising networks representatives), who defines the object of advertising and/or Advertising content;

1.3. Owner, Publisher — a person who owns or manages an Internet resource and makes it available for advertising;

1.4. Internet Resource (Ad Space) — website, mobile site, application, mobile application, portal, game available to Internet users, designed and adapted for viewing and/or launching on mobile devices, which include Advertising Space for placing Ads;

1.5. Plus1 WapStart System — hardware and software available to users via Plus1 WapStart System web interface, which includes online services, tools, statistics and provides execution of obligations regarding the placement and management of Ads;

1.6. Plus1 WapStart system web interface — an administrative section of website, which allows an access to Plus1 Wapstart System, personal account, statistics data, place and/or receive Ads, as well as other information exchange;

1.7. Plus1 WapStart Code — software module installed on advertising Internet resource which place (show/broadcast) Ads;

1.8. Plus1 WapStart Ad network — collection of Internet resources, which had Plus1 WapStart Code established and connected to the Plus1 WapStart System;

1.9. Advertising Space (Ad Space) — place in the part of the page and/or page of the Internet resource, or place in the part of mobile application, intended for Advertising placement and display;

1.10. Advertisement (Ad) — advertising and informational material distributed in the Internet network, in the following formats: text block; text-graphic or graphic banner; Rich-media, inStream video, Interstitial page or another format;

1.11. Advertising campaign (Ad Campaign) — is the set of placed ads. Every advertising campaign has its own unique number and can contain one or more ads;

1.12. Type of placement / dynamic allocation — Ads placement and showing on specific and/or different Ad Spaces alternately with the Ads of other Advertisers (dynamically), with frequency of display, calculated according to Parties terms of the placement.

1.13. Targeting — technology which allows Plus1 WapStart System to select a target audience of users, including by geography, by different groups, by categories, by options, by features and display Advertising to selected audience only;

1.14. Placement Conditions — type of Ads placement, bid, calendar plan, targeting and other parameters which defines the characteristics of Ads placement;

1.15. Rate, Bid — a cost per click (CPC) or cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) of Advertising, which was defined by advertiser as one of the Placement Conditions;

1.16. Calendar plan — time range chosen for Ads placement;

1.17. Link (Hyperlink) — text and/or image included in the Advertisement that redirects users to Internet resource which URL is specified in the Ad, via clicking on it;

1.18. Hit, click — one touch of an Internet user on a link/hyperlink inserted in the Ad;

1.19. Impression — one serve of Ad, placed by the advertiser on the Internet resource, to Internet user;

1.20. Click-through rate (CTR) — a coefficient of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular Internet resource, measured in percent. CTR is equal to number of times a Click is made on the advertisement divided by the total Impressions (the number of times an advertisement was served);

1.21. Internet User — any person who is the visitor of an Internet resource;

1.22. Reporting period — 1 (one) calendar month, equal to the time interval from 00:00:00 hours of the first day of the month to 23:59:59 of the last day of the month;

1.23. Statistics — information-statistical or graphical data, which is generated by the Plus1 WapStart System in automatic electronic form and represents the total number of impressions and clicks as well as total cost of services made and other information related to the Advertisement;

1.24. Services — options for Ads placing or Management, provided via Plus1 WapStart System online tools and services;

1.25. Plus1 WapStart Website — Internet site allocated on address:;

1.26. The interpretation of concepts and terms are made in accordance with this document or interpretation of the common in Internet.

2. General terms

2.1. Please read this document carefully and periodically review it in future.

2.2. This document defines the General terms, conditions and requirements which are subject to mandatory application by the users of the Plus1 WapStart System.

2.3. Access to the Plus1 WapStart System is available only after registration or authorization as a registered user on the Plus1 Wapstart Website on the following section on the site:

2.4. The Partner assumes full responsibility for the security of his login and password and may not transfer this data to third parties.

2.5. Plus1 WapStart System Administration staff are not responsible and does not cover financial damages caused by unauthorized access by third parties to a personal account of the Partner.

2.6. In case of violation of regulations and/or requirements of the present document, a member of Plus1 WapStart System Administration staff has the right to suspend the display of advertisements on the Partner’s Ad Space and/or block Ad Campaign or access to Partner’s personal account.

2.7. In each specific case, issues of compliance with the conditions, requirements and rules, described in present document, are being resolved individually with a Partner, but System Administration of Plus1 WapStart system reserves the right to block any Ad Campaign, Ad Space and/or block access to personal account of the Partner without explanation, at any time.

2.8. System Administration of Plus1 WapStart System reserves the right change present document without coordination with Partners at any time.

2.9. The partners must regularly view their mailboxes (specified during registration) to receive messages from Client Support service for tracking changes of regulations and/or requirements of present document by themselves, and adhere to them.

2.10. Ad space and Ad campaigns are not allowed on the same account, please create separate accounts or request a special exception from your account manager.

2.11. For all questions relating to the provisions of present document, aspects of Advertising placement and adding an Ad Spaces, users Plus1 WapStart System can contact WapStart support team via email:, or via phone: +1-410-317-7447.

2.12. For all questions regarding ordering of Ads placement, Plus1 WapStart System users can contact the Sales Department via email:, or via phone: +1-410-317-7447.

3. Ad Space Owner’s rules

3.1. Rules of adding an Ad Spaces:

3.1.1. When adding an Internet resource to Plus1 WapStart System, its Owner ensures that he holds all the rights and authorities necessary for its use and carries a responsibility, that contents of the web resource is compliant to the legislation of Russian Federation and norms of the international law.

3.1.2. Ads impressions begins only after Plus1 Wapstart code is distributed on Internet resource by its Owner.

3.1.3. Each Internet resource are being added by its Owner via Plus1 WapStart System web interface after validation.

3.1.4. List of Domain names of Owner’s Internet resources which were rejected and/or connected to the Plus1 WapStart System, are listed in the Owner's account.

3.1.5. The Owner of an Internet resource places Plus1 WapStart code on Ad Spaces with compliance to the conditions and technical requirements mentioned on Plus1 website, and responsible for its functionality, operability and correct hardware-software interaction with Plus1 WapStart System.

3.1.6. Owner can add mobile applications in Plus1 WapStart System only in case if he will provide the actual link to download page of the application in one of the official stores, such as Amazon AppStore, GetJar, Mobango, Opera Mobile Store, Samsung Apps, SlideME, Yandex Store, Windows Marketplace, Google Play and Apple App Store.

3.1.7. The Owner of an Internet resource should NOT: Use Plus1 WapStart code by methods which are not described in present document, including modifying the software module in any way. Change the Advertising and hyperlinks mentioned in the Ads, change of user`s redirect which is set up in Ad, replace or prevent user`s access to the pages, to which the Ads lead. Distribute Plus1 Wapstart code and transmit it to third parties. Remove, edit and turn off the Ads, except for the cases specified in present document. Apply to Advertising filters do not modify the order, type and other characteristics of display Advertising on the advertising spaces. Generate queries directly or indirectly and click on ads manually (by Owner or by means of third parties) and/or use any software and hardware which do reproduce the impressions and clicks in automatic ways (clickers, agents, bots, etc).

3.2. Requirements for Ad Spaces:

3.2.1. Internet resource should: Be registered in the Internet for at least 3 months before the date of submitting a request for moderation in Plus1 Wapstart System. Contain thematic content. Resources without semantic content are treated as sites created solely to serve ads and rejected by moderator. Contain Wapstart Plus1 code. Correctly open in all modern mobile browsers and on all modern mobile devices, including devices with screen size from 3.5 inches.

3.2.2. Internet resource should NOT: Belong to third party and be submitted without having a scan of signed partnership agreements with the Partner and above-mentioned third parties, which describes the Partnes’s rights and authorities for resource modification and Plus1 Wapstart code distribution; Have content that does not comply with the requirements of current legislation of Russian Federation; Prompt reward to the Internet user for clicks, views or registrations; Have a primary purpose of Ads display; Have a primary purpose of completion of questionnaires and tests to obtain money or personal data of users; Contain additional pop-up windows; Contain affiliate programs and data, which is the intellectual property pf 3rd parties;

3.3. Ad Space Owner’s reward. Financial conditions

3.3.1. The owner of an Ad Space added to Plus1 WapStart System, is being paid a remuneration in the amount of 50% (fifty) percent of the total cost of Advertising available on this Ad Space.

3.3.2. The remuneration of the Owner and all calculations are made in Russian rubles.

3.3.3. The total cost of Ads, served on the Internet resource is being calculated according to statistics of Plus1 WapStart System and based on: CTR and/or CPM and the number of clicks/ impressions / committed actions, if other financial terms are not agreed by the parties.

3.3.4. The value added tax is already included in general cost of Ads, in the amount, specified by the legislation of the Russian Federation at the time of Ads placement, additional charges which, up to thirty percent of the minimum cost per click/Advertising and VAT.

3.3.5. The value of remuneration, calculated on the basis of Plus1 WapStart System statistics, is recognized by the parties to be paid to the Owner of an Internet resource, within 30 (thirty) calendar days after the end of the reporting period.

3.3.6. If the amount of remuneration payable to Owner in the reporting period is less than 500 (five hundred) rubles, the transfer of funds is made in the next periods, when the total amount payable exceeds 500 rub amount.

3.3.7. The Owner of an Internet resource is solely responsible for paying all taxes with funds earned in Plus1 WapStart System.

3.3.8. In case if System Administration detects the violation of the rules and requirements for Advertising made by Ad Space Owner, including fraud clicks, unfair increase of impressions/transitions, multiple transitions of the same visitor, the amount calculated in statistics Ad Space statistics, is not being paid until all validations, and then reviewed in accordance with volume of violations.

3.3.9. Funds accrued to Owner’s account for prohibited actions, will be debited from his account and accrued to the advertisers accounts who have suffered damage. Blocked access to the Owner Account in Plus1 WapStart System;

3.3.10. Ad Space may be disconnected from the Plus1 WapStart System due to the inconsistency to requirements, specified in this document, in case of low efficiency of Ads serving and in case of claims/complaints receipt from advertisers or other third parties regarding mismatch between the content of the Ad Space to legislation of Russian Federation and/or international law.

4. Advertiser’s rules

4.1. Conditions for placing and management of Ad Campaigns:

4.1.1. Advertisers are free to choose contents, text, format, pictures, graphics, videos and other information by themselves.

4.1.2. Such steps of creating an Ad as preparation, modifying, saving, serving setup and management in Plus1 WapStart System could be done independently or with help of Customer Support team via email:
Additional contact details could be found on the Plus1 website:

4.1.3. For every new ad campaign placed in Plus1 system, Advertiser can set up next placement conditions:

  • Bid for clicks or impressions (financial parameters);
  • Calendar plan (Ad placement period);
  • Targeting (by ad spaces verticals, cell operators, platforms, devices manufacturers, GEO etc).

4.1.4. Ad Campaign launches in Plus1 WapStart System only after validation for compliance with terms and condition of present document and availability of needful amount of cash on the of the user`s account balance, unless other extended terms are agreed.

4.1.5. Plus1 WapStart System reflects next values:

  • Account balance in the Plus1 WapStart System — in real-time;
  • Statistics based on impressions, clicks, CTR, devices, operators, Ad Spaces, geography — with a delay of up to 2 hours.
  • Log of actions (event log), done via Plus1 WapStart System web-interface in the field of Ad Campaign management (including changing the status of placement, graphics, text, etc) — with a delay of up to 24 hours.

4.1.6. In case of bid change or Ad campaign stop, changes takes effect immediately after saving corresponding settings in the Plus1 Wapstart System web interface.

4.1.7. Targeting of Ad Campaigns on specific cellular operators are allowed only when the advertising campaign belongs „Paid subscription“ category (subject to the requirements of paragrapg 4.6.3 of this document), or when the cellular operator launches an Ad Campaign by himself.

4.2. Rates (Bids)

4.2.1. Click bid / (CPC):

  • Minimum = 1.00 RUR.
  • Maximum = 22.00 RUR.
  • Step of bid change = 0.1 RUR.

4.2.2. Rate (Bid) costper millenium (CPM) / Rich-мedia:

  • Minimum = 199.00 RUR.
  • Maximum = 4000.00 RUR.
  • Step of bid (cost) change in Plus1 Wapstart System web interface = 0.25 RUR.

4.2.3. VAT tax are being included in all the prices, specified in Plus1 Wapstart System.

4.2.4. For each Ad Campaign, Advertiser determines and sets up:
Bid / Budget / Daily budget / Type of funds spend.
To raise the effectiveness of an ad cmpaign, Plus1 Wapstart system counts recommended bid, which is being calculated on basis of overall system data for the past 7 days: audition, daily impressions, daily clicks, avaerge bid. Recommended bid information is being provided as a background information only and it's actual only in moment of recieving it.

4.3. The formats of Advertisements

4.3.1. Text block (ad text):

  • Header + URL (mandatory, up to 35 symbols);
  • Text desctiption (not mandatory, up to 35 symbols);

4.3.2. Mixed ad (ad text+banners):

  • Header + URL (mandatory, up to 35 symbols);
  • Text desctiption (not mandatory, up to 35 symbols);
  • URL + Image
    (PNG, JPG, GIF): 120×20px up to 6KB; 168×28px up to 10KB; 216×36px up to 16KB; 300×50px up to 20KB; 320×50px up to 20KB; 450×75px up to 50KB; 600×100px up to 80KB; 728×90px up to 80KB; 320×480px up to 80KB);

4.3.3. Graphic ad (Banners):

  • URL + Image
    (PNG, JPG, GIF): 120×20px less 6KB; 168×28px less 10KB; 216×36px less 16KB; 300×50px less 20KB; 450×75px less 50KB; 600×100px less 80KB);

4.3.4. Rich-мedia (Ad containing graphics / animation / audio/ video / media / interface)

  • Image (less than 72 DPI) + URL.
  • Format: PNG, JPG, GIF.
  • Size: 310×50px less than 100 KB; 320×416px less than 100 KB.
  • Video (streaming media with size less or equal 1 Mb for 30 seconds of video.
  • Maximum file size: 10MB.
  • Available FPS (frames per seconds): 15, 25 or 30 FPS, bitrate: 200—250kbps.
  • Audio: MP3, mono, 32 or 64

4.3.5. Other formats supported by Plus1 WapStart System and/or pre-agreed by the parties.

4.3.6. Ad creative may include:

  • Ad name (less them 50 symbols, including spaces and punctuation);
  • Ad title (less than 35 symbols, including spaces and punctuation);
  • URL leading to landing page with offer (less than 250 symbols, including spaces and punctuation);
  • Ad text (less than 35 symbols, including spaces and punctuation);
  • Text banner / Graphic banner / Rich media banner.

4.4. Rules for ads placement:

4.4.1. Placement of Ads (all formats) Plus1 WapStart System, will be accompanied by the following labels by default:

4.4.2. An example of Wapstart Ad placement on Ad Space can be seen in figure:

Ad placed on mobile site
Partners may place not much then 3 Wapstart ad blocks on 1 Ad Space.

4.4.3. The selection Ads rotation algorithm is configured on an auction basis: in each specific case it automatically selects the most effective Ads for placement on the Plus1 Wapstart ad network Ad Space in descending order of parameter, dependent on:

  • Bid (CTR/CPM setting);
  • Conditions of placement (Targeting options);
  • Frequency ratio setting

4.4.4. Change of bid setting (CPC/CPM) and conditions of placement (targeting options) makes a direct impact on impressions frequency.

4.4.5. If advertisements are placed at the CPM, the frequency of impressions depends only on the magnitude of the bid (cost per click).

4.4.6. If Advertiser sets a daily limit on impressions quantity, Ads are being maximally distributed by Plus1 WapStart System on the Ad Spaces throughout the day, and Advertiser may choose the fastest or gradual placement Ads during the day.

4.4.7. Advertiser may set automatic or manual launch of Ad Campaign, after creating it.

4.5. Requirements for Ads and/or their components:

4.5.1. Advertisements and/or its component parts must comply with the requirements of the current legislation of Russian Federation.

4.5.2. Ad link (URL) used in creative should match the theme of the advertisement and work correctly.

4.5.3. It is not allowed to use IP addresses instead of domain names in Plus1 Wapstart Ad links.

4.5.4. The text of the advertisement should be composed on Russian.

4.5.5. It is possible to use text in a foreign language along with the Russian text in Ads only if this text is identical to the text in Russian in its content and technical meaning.

4.5.6. In case if the Internet resource, to which Ad link leads, is being displayed in language different from the language of the advertisement, it is mandatory to have a corresponding notification about those discrepancies in the Ad text or banner.

4.5.7. Ads should match the contents of the Internet resource to which the link leads.

4.5.8. If Ad contains any information about discounts, the Ad link should lead to the page of an Internet resource, where this discount is explicitly specified.

4.5.9. Link from Ad containing information about some news article should lead to the page of an Internet resource, where this article is published.
The text of the Ad should comply with the meaning of the article title content.

4.5.10. If Ad uses the superlative degree of adjectives and/or provides information about the benefits of the advertised product between this product and goods available on market, the link should lead to a page of an Internet resource, which proves this information with conclusions of third parties.

4.5.11. Changing the ad and/or any portion of it is not allowed after campaign launch without notifying Client Support Department by email: Violation of this requirement gives Plus1 WapStart System administration right to block Aв Сampaign and restrict access of Partner to the account. Financial funds, remaining at the time of the violation on Partners account in Plus1 WapStart System, will not be reimbursed.

4.5.12. In case if Plus1 Wapstart system administration will suspect violation of even one of listed conditions within the audit of ad creatives and links, Plus1 WapStart system administration have right to decline/block ad creative without any explanations and notifications.

4.5.13. Title and text of Ads should not contain:

  • Spaces between letters (e x a m p l e) and words written in CAPITALS with the exception of abbreviations
  • Non-standard sybmols ($, #, +, * и т.д.);
  • HTML code.

4.5.14. Ads should NOT: Use swear words, obscene or offensive images, comparisons and expressions in terms of gender, race, nationality, profession, social status, age, religious symbols, national symbols; Encourage to commit unlawful acts and/or call for violence and cruelty; Constitute advertising of the goods, the advertising of which is prohibited by this way, at this time or in this place, in compliance with the legislation of Russian Federation; Play on association with the tragic events — for example, containing words „act of terrorism, murder, death, funeral, explosion...“ in the title or text; Contain unfair, misleading and confusing information, including:

  • Inaccurate information about the product/service/Internet resource;
  • False information or incorrect comparison with products of competitors
  • Absence of idea who is the source of the information which contains in the advertisement.
  • Have redirect links (except redirect to meters conversion), „short“ links (for example, which deliberately hides the landing page address). Advertise browser games; Advertise free software without availability manufacturer`s license; Install any software on end user`s device in automatic way; Lead to non-official application download pages

4.5.15. Ad link should NOT lead to: Internet resources, the content of which does not comply with the requirements of the current legislation of Russian Federation. Internet resources distributing viruses or other malicious programs, hidden from user which send paid SMS messages or take other paid actions is not obvious to the subscriber; Direct download of any file; Internet resources or services which offer visitor a reward to for clicks, installs, browsing resources, opening ads or reading emails/messages, (in other words — resources containing motivation for a fraud conversion actions made by visitors); Internet resources whose primary purpose is the display of advertisements; Internet resources whose main activity is the completion of questionnaires and tests to obtain money or contact data of users; Internet resources with opening pop-ups; Internet resources which incorrectly opens in all mobile browsers and contain errors of scripts and/or programs. Internet resources which are not adapted to display correctly on a mobile device (including resources which font or menu elements are too small for view on smartphones with screen of 3,5' and more);

4.6. Advertising of specific goods and services

Please note that the list is partially incomplete and may change.

4.6.1. Goods and services which advertising is not allowed on the Internet: Goods (works, services) production and (or) the implementation of which is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation and international law. Drug preparations, psychotropic substances and their precursors, plants containing drugs and psychotropic substances; Explosives and materials (except pyrotechnic products); Human organs and/or tissues as an object of sale; Goods subject to state registration / mandatory certification / licensing / other obligatory acknowledgement of conformity with requirements of technical regulations in case the absence of corresponding documents;
Copies of registration documents, certificates, licenses, etc, should be provided to Wapstart legal prior to creation of an Ad campaign. Tobacco, tobacco products and Smoking accessories, including pipes, hookahs, cigarette papers, lighters. Weapons. The List of places where advertising of weapons is allowed contains in Art. 26 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“ and Internet is not mentioned in this list. Gambling. The List of places where advertising gambling is allowed contains in Art. 27 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“ and Internet is not mentioned in this list. Alcoholic beverages (in accordance with subparagraph 8 of paragraph 2 of Art. 21 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“, advertising of alcoholic beverages should not be placed on Internet resources).

4.6.2. Advertising of information products Advertising of information products is allowed, but only when age rating of this information products is specified in Ad creative (Part 10.1. of Art. 5 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“), according to the following rating of age: 0+; 6+; 12+; 16+; 18+. Categories advertising information products may be specified in any way. Next themes of Ads are treated as an Information products:

  • Databases and software;
  • Games, music and films;
  • Shows, exhibitions, concerts, plays, sport matches, and another events (excluding Ads for the theatres and concert halls itself, without mentioning of specific event);
  • Printed periodicals — magazines, newspapers, etc;
  • Concert programs on TV and radio (excluding ads for specific TV or radio channels itself, without mentioning of a specific event). When creating and placing Ads for information products, the Advertiser specifies the category of the advertised information products by himself, if the parties have not agreed otherwise. Ads for information products may be rejected by the moderator if the age category of information products is not specified until Advertiser will not indicate and specify it in Ad(s).

4.6.3. Rules of placing paid services and/or subscriptions: Ad must contain the information that the advertised service (including access to website, downloads etc) is provided for cash, and must contain the price of the advertised services/subscriptions. If the Ad is graphic, the price should be legible and brightly specified on the banner; In the case of text-graphic ads of paid services/subscriptions, the price must be specified both in the Ad text and Ad banner; The cost of paid services/subscriptions, must be specified in rubles (RUR), and, additionally, in foreign currency (if necessary); After following Ad link within Ad of paid services/subscriptions to a landing page, a warning window with a precise description and terms of the service/subscription cost and terms should appear. User`s consent in form of checking string „I agree to the terms of the user agreement“ is also mandatory. The cost of services should not differ from the value specified in the Ad creative; Information about the cost in Ad of paid services/subscriptions must accurately match the value that will be charged to the user; If the cost of the paid service/subscriptions services varies depending on some factors, then the upper limit of cost value must be specified in the Ad (i.e. the maximum amount that can be charged to user). If ad creative contains paid subscriptions (paid services or accesses), than operators targeting is allowed (if agreed with Plus1 Wapstart system administration).

4.6.4. Lotteries and motivation events Information about the cost of the service must accurately match to the value that is charged to the user. The content of advertising materials used to promote lotteries and motivation events, is being regulated by Art. 9 and 27 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“. To conduct a lottery, a corresponding permission should be granted to the organizer (Federal Law #138 „Regarding lotteries“). Permission for a conduct of lottery must be submitted to Wapstart prior to launch of corresponding Ad campaign.

4.6.5. Medicines, medical equipment and medical services The content of the advertising materials used for the advertising of medicines, medical products and services, is regulated by Article 24 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“. Conducting medical practice is a subject to mandatory licensing (paragraph 46 of part 1 of Art. 12 of the Federal Law No. 99 dated 04.05.2011 „Regarding licensing certain types of activities“, and the Decree of the Russian Federation Government dated 16.04.2012 No. 291 „Regarding licensing of medical practice (excluding specified activities carried out by medical organizations and other organizations within the private health care system on the territory of the innovation center „SKOLKOVO“). Medicines are introduced into civil circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation, only if they are registered with the relevant authorized instances (Art. 13 of the Federal Law dated 12.04.2010 No. 61 „Regarding circulation of medicines“). Advertisements must be accompanied by a standard warnings, according to the Federal law of Russian Federation „Regarding advertising“:

  • «Есть противопоказания. Посоветуйтесь с врачом» — for advertising of medicines, medical services, including treatment methods and medical equipment;
  • When creating and placing Ads for medicine, the Advertiser should specify those warnings by himself.

4.6.6. Supplements (biologically active additives) The content of the advertising materials used for the advertising of dietary supplements, is regulated by Art. 25 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“. Biologically active additives must undergo the procedure of state registration (Federal Law dated 02.01.2000 No. 29 „On quality and safety of food products“). Advertising of supplements is not allowed without registration certificate (Art. 7 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“).

4.6.7. Baby food The content of the advertising materials used for advertising of baby food is regulated by Art. 25 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“. Baby food is a subject to obligatory certification. Baby food advertising is not allowed without a Certificate of conformity (article 7 of the Federal law „On advertising“).

4.6.8. Financial services Article 28 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“ sets a special requirements for the content of ads of financial services, including next types of services:

  • Insurance;
  • Banking services;
  • Provision of credit;
  • Assets management;
  • Raising funds in the equity construction. Advertising of the activities listed above is not permitted if the Advertiser does not have an appropriate license, in compliance with Art. 7 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“.

4.6.9. Securities The content of the advertising materials used for advertising of securities is regulated by Art. 29 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“.

4.6.10. Goods sold remotely If the Internet resource, the link with advertisements, written in language different from the language of the advertisement, information about this should be necessarily specified in the text of the advertisement. Remote sale of goods is the sale of goods, made under the retail-purchase contract which is based on a buyer familiarization with the proposed seller`s description of the goods via catalogues, brochures, booklets, photos, by means of communication, or other methods, excluding the possibility of direct familiarize of buyer with the goods or a sample of the goods under mentioned contract (Paragraph 2 of the Remote Sales Rules, under the Resolution of Russian Federation Government dated 27.07.2007, No. 612). The content of the advertising material for sales made remotely is regulated by Art. 8 of the Federal law „Regarding advertising“s. If you advertise goods which are being sold remotely, you must specify the following seller’s data on the Web resource the Ad links to: name, address and state registration number of the legal person; name, last name and registration number of the entry on the state registration of a physical person as an individual entrepreneur. Please note: Remote sale is prohibited for products, a free implementation of which is prohibited or restricted by the legislation of Russian Federation.

Date of adding: August 7, 2012
Effective date: August 7, 2012
Date of change: December 22, 2015

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