Offer for the provision of Services to the System «Plus1 WapStart» Moscow, Troitsk, Russian Federation

Hereby Limited Liability Company „WapStart“ (trademark WapStart), hereinafter — WapStart, offers, contracted to provide services to the System „Plus1 WapStart“, on the conditions stated below:

1. Notions and Terms Used in this Offer

1.1. The following basic notions and terms shall be used for the purposes hereof:

Offer — this document, „Offer for the provision of services to the System „Plus1 WapStart“, located on the Internet at the following address:

Advertiser — a person, carries out the acceptance of the Offer, whose advertisements (both of its own creation and created by third parties on its request) are posted by WapStart under the provisions hereof;

Acceptance of the Offer — full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer by the actions mentioned in Sec. 7.1. Offer. Acceptance of an offer to Contract;

Agreement / Contract — onerous contract between the advertiser and the provision of services WapStart System „Plus1 WapStart“, which is by acceptance of the Offer;

Web sites, advertising spaces — websites, mobile sites and mobile applications, which are accessible by users via mobile devices;

Mobile site / wap-site  a site created and developed in view of its further optimization and for the purpose of quality browsing by users via browser of their mobile devices;

Mobile Applications — software developed for use in mobile devices which allows users to update the content by accessing the Internet;

Plus1 WapStart Site  a website with its Internet address at:;

Plus1 WapStart System  an online system for posting and managing the Advertisements which is developed and supported by WapStart;

Plus1 WapStart System Web Interface — an administrative section of Plus1 WapStart Site which is accessible by using login and password, which allows the Advertiser to access Plus1 WapStart System, exchange information with WapStart, including transferring Advertisements, receiving statistical data, exchanging information hereunder;

Advertisement, Advertisements — an advertisement and informational material in the form of a text block, text and graphic or graphic banner which includes advertising information and link and is submitted to Advertiser as a part of certain Advertising campaign and compliant with the requirements hereof;

Advertising Campaign / AC  a set of Advertisements created by Advertiser, in respect of which after the conclusion of the Agreement providing services to the System «Plus1 WapStart» in accordance with the conditions defined by the advertiser accommodation. Each Advertising campaign shall have its own unique number which is assigned to it by WapStart upon its creation Advertiser and may include one or several Advertisements;

Plus1 WapStart Advertiser Network — a set of websites connected to Plus1 WapStart System and owned by WapStart or third parties;

Advertising Space space allocated as a part of page on the Website and designed for posting of the Advertisement;

Terms of Use — Terms of advertising, including: schedule, targeting, rate and other terms of the placement of advertising;

Timetable a preset period of time for posting Advertisements;

Targeting — a technology of Plus1 WapStart which allows separating the target audience of users depending on different parameters and posting Advertisements aimed precisely at them;

Rate  a price per click and/or price per view chosen by Advertiser as one of targeting parameters for the Advertising campaign in accordance with the terms of the Offer;

Link, Hyperlink Advertiser — a text and/or a picture included in the Advertisement and designed for forwarding those users who clicked on it to the Website which address (URL) is specified by Advertiser for this Advertisement;

Click-Through, Click — each occurrence of user`s transfer from a page of the Website on the link of Advertiser;

Impression — posting and display of the Advertisement at Advertising Spaces;

Click-Through Rate (CTR)  the number of clicks on an ad divided by the number of times the ad is shown;

User — a visitor of (websites / advertising spaces);

Statistics — informational and statistical data on the aggregate number of impressions and clicks on the links by users, as well as the total value of Services rendered and other information with regard to posting of Advertisements in electronic form generated by Plus1 WapStart System based on automated processing of user actions performed on the Websites of Plus1 WapStart Advertiser Network.

WapStart and Advertiser — the text of this document jointly referred to as the Parties and separately as the Party.

1.2. In the Offer may be used concepts and terms that are not defined in clause 1.1. Offer. In this case, the interpretation of the term shall be in accordance with the text of the Offer. If there is no precise definition of a notion and/or term provided herein, the precedence shall be taken by the definition:
1) at the website:;
2) which is most commonly used on the Internet.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1 WapStart shall provide the Advertiser with the services on posting Advertisements at the Websites of Plus1 WapStart Advertiser Network, hereinafter the Services, in accordance with the provisions hereof Offer.

2.2 The Advertiser shall pay for the Services in accordance with the provisions hereof Offer.

3. Service Terms and Conditions.

3.1. The Parties shall undertake to abide by the conditions and requirements specified in the following document: General Service Terms and Conditions of Plus1 WapStart System, hereinafter General Service Terms, the Internet address is at:

3.2. Services are provided only in respect of Advertising (-s) campaign (matched) for which (-s) Advertiser carried acceptance of the Offer.

3.3. The Advertiser (its representative) shall prepare the Advertising Campaign in its absolute discretion, including, deciding on contents of advertisements, compilation of the Advertisements, deciding the name of the Advertising Campaign, shall set the timeline for posting the Advertising Campaign, choose the Targeting for the Advertising Campaign, set the rate and other conditions beyond the aforementioned, in accordance with the form established by the web interface of Plus1 WapStart System in the Create Campaign section, considering all the requirements specified herein, unless otherwise is agreed by the Parties additionally.

3.3.1. Access to the form mentioned in cl. 3.3. hereof shall be provided to the Advertiser (its representative), after the fact of registration/authorization as a registered user of Plus1 WapStart website by way of entering login and password of the Advertiser.

3.3.2. The Advertiser shall on its own save the Advertising Campaign by using the related feature in the Advertising Campaign creation mode. The Advertising Campaign saved by the Advertiser shall be stored within not less than Twelve (12) months after the date of termination of its posting and shall be accessible to the Advertiser through the web interface of Plus1 WapStart System.

3.4. WapStart may perform inspection of the Advertising Campaign by the Advertiser with regard to its compliance with the requirements hereof Offer, both prior to the commencement of Services by Plus1 WapStart System and at any moment after the Advertising Campaign has been posted, both of its own accord and employing third parties. If it is revealed that the Advertisement is inconsistent with the requirements hereof Offer, WapStart may refuse posting or discontinue posting such Advertisement.

3.4.1. Acceptance for posting and/or confirmation by WapStart concerning possibility of posting the Advertising Campaign and/or any changes in the Advertising Campaign, under no circumstances shall mean confirmation by WapStart of right of the Advertiser and/or provision of right by WapStart to the Advertiser for use in such Advertising Campaign, including: links to the Website being advertised, pictures, diagrams, text, words or their combinations as items of intellectual property of third parties. Responsibility for any consequences of such use shall be borne solely by the Advertiser in accordance with the provisions of cl. 11. hereof.

3.5. External appearance (form, size and other parameters) of the Advertisement shall be in accordance with the criteria specified in General Service Terms (cl. 3.1. hereof).

3.5.1. The Advertisement shall on compulsory basis include links to URL pages of the Website which contains the offer being advertised, in such case, one Advertisement may contain one link only.

3.6. Posting of a single advertisement as a part of the Advertising Campaign may be performed using more than one advertising space and more than one Website.

3.7. WapStart Reserves the Right to:

3.7.1. As it sees fit, refuse acceptance for posting the Advertisements, both on the grounds of noncompliance with the requirements of cl. 3.1. hereof Offer and without giving reasons for such refusal.

3.7.2. Suspend provision of the Services and/or terminate the Agreement with the Advertiser on a unilateral basis in case if: the value of Services provided to the Advertiser hereunder on condition of advance payment has become equal or surpassed the amount transferred by the Advertiser to the account of WapStart as advance payment for provision of the Services;

3.7.3. Delete the Advertising Campaign of the Advertiser posted in accordance with the terms hereof, after expiration of: Twelve (12) months after the date of termination of posting such Advertising Campaign. Within the aforementioned term the Advertiser is provided with access through web interface of Plus1 WapStart System to such Advertising Campaign (after authorization using login and password of the Advertiser).

3.8. The Advertiser shall bear sole responsibility for security and confidentiality of the registration data (login and password). All actions performed with regard to the Advertising Campaigns using login and password of the Advertiser shall be deemed to have been performed by the Advertiser itself. The Advertiser shall bear sole responsibility to third parties for all actions performed using login and password of the Advertiser.

3.9. WapStart shall not be responsible for unauthorized use of registration data of the Advertiser by third parties.

3.10. The Parties have agreed that the condition for preservation of confidentiality of the registration data, including private personal data provided by the Advertiser upon its registration at Plus1 WapStart Website and stored by the web interface of Plus1 WapStart System in the Your Profile subsection and/or when concluding the written Agreement, shall not apply to cases when WapStart uses such data for the purpose of billing the Advertiser for provision of the Services, hereinafter the Bill and execution of Certificates of Services Rendered, hereinafter the Certificates.

3.11. The Advertiser agrees that for the purposes hereof, to determine the number of clicks/impressions and value of the Services rendered, only statistical data of Plus1 WapStart System shall be used.

4. Rights and Obligations of WapStart.

4.1. WapStart shall:

4.1.1. Provide the Advertiser with the services using Plus1 WapStart System in accordance with the provisions hereof Offer.

4.1.2. Upon provision of the Services hereunder, ensure that the Advertiser (its representative) has an option to familiarize itself with the statistical data using the web interface of Plus1 WapStart System with regard to the Advertising Campaign(s) using a login and password of the Advertiser, in such case, WapStart shall not bear responsibility if the Advertiser fails to familiarize itself with the statistical data on the grounds beyond control of WapStart.

4.1.3. Ensure confidentiality with regard to the Advertiser and its Advertising Campaign(s) in accordance with the provisions hereof Offer, including by way of provision of access to the Advertising Campaign only upon entering login and password of the Advertiser. In such case, confidentiality of the Advertisements included in the Advertising Campaign shall be provided for until the beginning of posting the respective Advertisement.

4.1.4. Take necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures for protection of personal data of the Advertiser against unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, change, blocking, coping, distribution, as well as against other unauthorized actions by third parties.

4.2. WapStart may:

4.2.1. Temporarily suspend provision of Services to the Advertiser on technical, technological or other grounds which prevent rendering the Services, until such circumstances have been terminated.

4.2.2. Suspend provision of the Services hereunder and/or unilaterally terminate the Agreement ahead of time through an extrajudicial procedure by notifying the Advertiser subject to violation of the Advertiser's obligations and/or guarantees accepted hereunder.

4.2.3. Refuse and/or suspend posting the Advertisements if the Advertiser fails to submit documents specified in cl.5.1.3. hereof Offer.

4.2.4. Make changes to the Offer in accordance with established procedure the Offer.

5. Rights and Obligations of the Advertiser.

5.1. The Advertiser shall:

5.1.1. Prepare the Advertising Campaign of its own accord, in accordance with cl. 3.1., 3.3., 3.5. hereof, unless otherwise is agreed by the Parties additionally.

5.1.2. Upon preparation, creation or introducing changes in the Advertising Campaign follow all requirements for the Advertisements and requirements for posting hereunder Offer, as well as all applicable norms and requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

5.1.3. If services being advertised or activities being performed by the Advertiser are subject to licensing and/or obligatory certification, submit to WapStart all necessary certified copies of respective licenses, certificates by the time of commencement of posting the related Advertising Campaign or within one working day after the date of receipt of a request from WapStart.

5.1.4. Avoid abusing opportunities provided to the Advertised with regard to posting the Advertisements as a part of the Advertising Campaign in violation hereof, including misuse of technical feature for independent compilation and change of texts of the Advertisements, posting of links to URL pages of the Website, or any other features for creation and change of the Advertisements;

5.1.5. Avoid using on its own or by employing third parties provision of Services and/or capabilities of Plus1 WapStart System for purposes which may be classified as violation of third parties rights to items of intellectual property, unfair competition, any other violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation;

5.1.6. Avoid performing actions which may affect normal operation of Plus1 WapStart System and constitute its misuse, including but not limited to, performance individually or by employing third parties of unfair recreation of impressions and clicks by hand and/or using any software and hardware means.

5.1.7. In case of change of contact and/or personal data, timely change, renew and add such contact and/or personal information or its part at the site of Plus1 WapStart by editing the data with the help of web interface of Plus1 WapStart System.

5.1.8. Pay for the Services provided by WapStart hereunder in accordance with the terms and conditions set hereby.

5.2. The Advertiser may:

5.2.1. Have around-the-clock seven day a week online access to the statistical data of Plus1 WapStart System by using login and password of the Advertiser to manage its Service expenses.  

5.2.2. Change the Advertising Campaign at any time subject to complying with the requirements hereunder Offer.

5.2.3. Suspend or discontinue posting the Advertising Campaign(s) at any time.

5.2.4. Unsubscribe from receiving emails with information about new products, special offers and news sent to your email address WapStart Advertiser provided during registration on

6. Financial conditions and reporting.

6.1. The Advertiser shall of its own accord determine the value of the Services provided hereunder. Determination of the volume of rights provided to the Advertiser for rendering prepaid Services hereunder shall be conducted via the web interface of Plus1 WapStart System, which has a special feature for automated accounting of monetary obligations for the Services hereunder.

6.2. The Advertiser shall pay for the Services by way of 100% (One hundred percent) advance payment for Services rendered based on the bill issued by WapStart to the Advertiser within Five (5) working days after the date of issuance of the Bill. Advance payment made by the Advertiser shall be interest-free.

6.3. The cost of services includes the value added tax in the amount determined by the legislation of the Russian Federation at the time of their delivery.

6.4. The value of the Services rendered shall be determined by Plus1 WapStart System based on the Advertiser's presets for the Advertising Campaign with regard to the number of clicks/impressions of such Advertising Campaign for the reporting period. The rates shall be established by the Advertiser itself within minimum and maximum prices per click/impression established by WapStart subject to requirements and provisions specified in General Provisions hereof (cl.3.1. hereof).

6.5. Payment by Advertiser Account or personal account replenishment Advertiser is an Acceptance of the Offer and subject to a Contract for the advance payment (claim 7.1. Of the offer).

6.6. Payment is made in Russian Rubles by Bank transfer, in particular payment of Services: (a) the transfer without opening of a Bank account via Bank branches on the territory of the Russian Federation; or b) in the form of cash from the Bank account of the Advertiser; or C) by credit/debit card: Visa, EuroCard/MasterCard, or d) through the payment system WebMoney.

6.7. The selection and use method of payment for Services is made by the Advertiser in its sole discretion and without any liability WapStart. Security, privacy, and other conditions of use of the Advertiser's choice of method/form of payment beyond the scope of the Offer and Agreement and governed by the agreements (contracts) between the Advertiser and relevant organizations.

6.8. The Advertiser undertakes to notify WapStart on the successful payment with a copy of the payment document with the mark of the executing Bank (if available for the appropriate method of payment).

6.9. The advertiser is obliged within 3 (Three) years from the date of payment to keep the original documents confirming payment of Services.

6.10.Services are paid by the Advertiser of the receipt of WapStart confirmation from the Bank on receipt of full payment to the account WapStart. In some cases, at the sole discretion WapStart the payment confirmation can serve:
a) a facsimile copy of the payment order with the Bank's payment in non-cash form of payment;
b) a facsimile copy of the payment receipt with the stamp of the Bank through which the payment is made;
c) verification of WapStart fact of payment in favor of WapStart through the payment system in the case of the implementation by the Advertiser of electronic payment.

6.11. Reporting period for provision of the Services shall be within One (1) calendar month.

6.12. For the purposes of the Agreement, expressed the Offer, WapStart and advertisers recognize the necessary and sufficient exchange Certificate in accordance with the volume of the Services actually rendered for the reporting period, generated based on the statistical data of Plus1 WapStart System.

6.13. The Services shall be deemed provided by WapStart to satisfactory extent and accepted by the Advertiser to the amount specified in the Certificate, if within Fifteen (15) days after the end of the reporting period WapStart does not receive from the Advertiser any substantiated written objections.
Upon expiration of the term specified above, any objections with regard to shortcomings of the Services shall not be considered.

7. The acceptance of the Offer and conclusion of Contract.

7.1. The Advertiser accepts the Offer by pre-payment Services in respect of which a Contract is signed, within the period specified in clause 6.2. Of the offer or the completion of a personal account of the Advertiser in accordance with clause 6.2., 6.6. Of the offer. In case the Acceptance of the Offer has not been made, the offer is void with respect to such ordered Services, and WapStart reserves the right to remove the relevant Advertising campaign.

7.2. In respect of one Advertising campaign can be covered by several successive Contracts, the Contract may be concluded for several Advertising campaigns.

8. The validity and the changing conditions of the Offer.

8.1. The Agreement becomes effective upon posting on the Internet at the following address: and effect until revocation WapStart.

8.2. WapStart reserves the right to change the terms of the Offer and/or withdraw the Offer at any time at its sole discretion. In case of any WapStart changes to the Offer, such changes will be effective upon posting of the modified text of the Offer on the Internet at the address specified in clause 8.1. Offers, unless another date of entry into force of the changes is not defined further in this arrangement.

9. Duration of the Agreement.

9.1.The Acceptance of the Offer by the Advertiser according to the article 7. The Offer creates the Contract (article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) on the terms of the Offer.

9.2.The agreement shall enter into force from the moment of acceptance of the Offer by the Advertiser and shall:
— until the Parties fulfill their obligations under the Contract, namely the payment by the Advertiser the cost of Services and the provision of WapStart Services commensurate with the cost of the Services;
— prior to the date of termination of the Agreement.

9.3. The advertiser acknowledges and agrees that changes to the Offer entails making these changes in an enclosed and operating between the Advertiser and WapStart the Contract, and these changes to the Contract enter into force simultaneously with such changes in the Offer.

9.4. In case of withdrawal of the Offer WapStart during the term of the Contract, the Contract shall be deemed terminated from the moment of withdrawal, unless otherwise specified WapStart upon withdrawal of the Offer.

10. Termination of the Agreement.

10.1. The contract can be dissolved:

10.1.1. By both side's agreement at any time;

10.1.2. By WapStart immediately in case of violation by the Advertiser of Offer conditions with the written notice to the Advertiser;;

10.1.3. On other bases provided by the present Offer and/or the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

10.2. Obligations of the Parties under the Contract which have to be continued owing to their nature, including obligations for carrying out mutual settlements, confidentiality, use of information, remain in force after the termination of the Contract.

10.3. The termination of valid period of the Contract on any basis doesn't exempt the Party from liability for the violations of terms of the Contract which arose during the period of its action.

11. The guarantee.

11.1. Within duration of the Agreement WapStart shall take all necessary steps towards elimination of any failures or errors, and in case of their occurrence, shall perform necessary actions in the shortest possible terms.
In such case, WapStart shall not guarantee absence of errors or failures when the Advertisements are being posted.

11.2. Except for the guarantees directly referred to herein, WapStart shall not provide any other guarantees.

11.3. Upon conclusion hereof, the Advertiser, including a natural person who is duly authorized to enter into the Agreement on behalf of the Advertiser confirms and guarantees as follows:

11.3.1. The Advertiser holds all the rights and authority necessary for conclusion and performance hereof.

11.3.2. Advertiser Agreement enters into voluntarily, and the Advertiser or the Advertiser's representative: a) fully acquainted with the conditions of the Offer, b) fully understands the subject of the Offer and Agreement, c) fully understands the meaning and consequences of their actions in relation to the conclusion and execution of the Contract.

11.3.3. All information including contact and personal data, provided by the Advertiser upon its registration at Plus1 WapStart website in the Your Profile subsection and/or upon conclusion of the Agreement, is full, adequate and correct as of the respective date.

11.3.4. Advertiser agrees to the processing of personal data WapStart specified by the advertiser on the site Plus1 WapStart in the web interface, in the „Your Profile“ and/or at the conclusion of the Agreement

11.3.5. Posting the Advertisements, their contents or contents of the Websites which the Advertiser has posted the links to, as well as intellectual property items being used in the Advertisements do not violate rights of the third parties and/or the legislation of the Russian Federation.

12. Liability and limitation of liability.

12.1. The Parties shall be liable for violation of the terms hereof and/or the legislation of the Russian Federation.

12.2. Under no circumstances WapStart shall be liable hereunder for the following:

12.2.1. Any actions/inactions which are direct or indirect cause of actions/inactions of the Advertiser or third parties;

12.2.2. Any indirect damages and/or loss of expected gain by the Advertiser and/or third parties regardless of whether he could WapStart foresee the possibility of such damages or not

12.2.3. Use/impossibility of use by the Advertiser or third parties any means and/or any ways of transfer/reception of information.

12.3. The aggregate amount of liability WapStart under the Contract, including the size of penalties (fines, penalties) and/or indemnify for damages for any claim or claims in respect of the Contract or its performance shall be limited to 10% of the cost of Services under the Contract.

12.4. The Advertiser shall be liable for:

12.4.1. Adherence to the current legislation of the Russian Federation including legislation on advertising, intellectual property law, competition law, but not limited to with regard to contents and form of the Advertisements or Websites which the Advertiser posts a link to, as well as other actions performed by it as an advertiser and/or advertising producer;

12.4.2. Accuracy of information, guarantees and assurances by the Advertiser contained in cl.11 hereof.

12.5. Considering provisions specified in cl. 12.4. hereof, the Advertiser shall undertake on request of WapStart to immediately submit to it all required information with regard to posting and contents of the Advertisements.
Without involving means and resources of WapStart, to settle disagreements, claims/directions of third parties with regard to the Advertisements and their posting hereunder.

12.6. If the content, form and / or placing Advertisers Treaty was the basis for presentation to WapStart regulations on payment of fines by the public authorities, the Advertiser shall immediately on demand WapStart provide all information requested regarding the placement and content of advertising, promote WapStart in the settlement instructions, as well as pay all damages, including costs for penalties incurred as a result of WapStart against him, the requirements in the placement Advertisers Treaty.

12.7. The Parties shall be exempt from liability if nonperformance or improper performance of their obligations occurred due to circumstances beyond their control (force majeure) that is unexpected, extraordinary and unavoidable, under the circumstances, events which the Parties could neither foresee nor prevent by taking reasonable steps.
These circumstances include in particular: acts of God, fires, earthquakes, floods, wars, military operations of any nature, strikes, blockades, political instability, mutinies and their consequences, orders and decisions by state authorities which change legal status of the Parties hereunder, restrict and/or prohibit performance of the obligations hereunder, as well as other circumstances which are beyond the reasonable control.

12.8. The fact of occurrence of circumstances beyond the reasonable control and their duration shall be proved with necessary legal papers issued by the related authorized bodies or organizations.

12.9. Upon occurrence of circumstances beyond the reasonable control, the term for performance of obligations hereunder shall be shifted further off in proportion to the period during which such circumstances existed.

13. Confidentiality

13.1.The Parties hereto shall undertake to preserve as confidential any data of technical, industrial or commercial nature which were communicated to them or made known to them by any other means in connection with performance of obligations hereunder.

13.2. All rights to confidential information shall belong to the Party which communicated it in the first place.
At the end of the term of the Agreement all confidential information contained on the storage media or having documentary evidence, and all copies thereof, shall be immediately destroyed or returned upon request of the submitting Party.

13.3. WapStart agrees to the processing of personal data by the Advertiser after the expiration of the Contract with the Advertiser and the completion of processing of all documents required according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation with the conclusion of the Contract. In order to implement this paragraph WapStart reserves the right to delete the web interface Advertiser Twelve (12) months after termination of Services.

13.4. Advertiser authorizes WapStart transfer to outside parties your personal data while maintaining confidentiality for the sole purpose of execution of the agreement between the Advertiser and WapStart of the Contract and only for the duration of such Contract.

13.5. The parties mutually undertake to keep provided by the other Party relating to the subject matter of the Contract concluded pursuant to the tender Offer documents in adjusted position, precluding the possibility of access by unauthorized persons and to provide them only to authorized persons.

13.6. Confidential information may be transferred to third parties only subject to prior written approval by the Parties.

14. Additional conditions and final provisions.

14.1. Advertiser acknowledges and agrees that the Agreement (Offer) includes the documents referred to in para. 3.1. The offer included therein by reference to them, and the Contractor may at any time amend and / or supplement the documents referred to in para. 3.1. Offer.

14.2. This Agreement, its conclusion and performance shall be regulated by legislative norms of the Russian Federation and international law. All matters not regulated by the Offer or not fully regulated in accordance with the substantive laws of the Russian Federation.
If disagreements hereunder have failed to be resolved by way of negotiations, they shall be brought before court of arbitration with jurisdiction in accordance with registered address of WapStart.

14.3. Communication with the Advertiser in case of need, including notification requests and information related to the provision of Services under the Agreement, as well as the processing of queries and requests from advertisers can be sent:
1) E-mail
a) to e-mail the advertiser specified during registration on the site Plus1 WapStart, with e-mail addresses WapStart, specified in Art. All 15 if the recipient is Advertiser an
b) on the e-mail address WapStart, specified in Art. 15 All, with email addresses Advertiser specified during registration on the site Plus1 WapStart;

2) by fax;

3) mail, return receipt requested, or by courier with proof of delivery.

14.4. If one or more provisions of the Offer is for any reason invalid, unenforceable, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of the Offer (the Agreement), which remain in force.

14.5. Without prejudice to the terms of the Offer, Advertiser or WapStart may at any time issue a written contract in two-sided document.

14.6. WapStart may provide the Advertiser with a translation of the Agreement from Russian to other languages, nevertheless, in case of any discrepancies between the provisions hereof set out in the Russian language and their translation, the Russian version of the Agreement shall take precedence.

15. Addresses and Bank Details of the WapStart:

Name: WapStart Ltd

Legal / Postal address at: 108840, Moscow, Troitsk, 4B Lesnaya St., Office 307 A.

INN/KPP 5046068226/504601001

Phone: +1-410-317-7447

Bank Details:

Account #: 40702810901400000953 
Payee's bank: Alfabank, Russia, Moscow.

Correspondents # 30101810200000000593
BIK: 044525593

The current version of the Offer available on the Internet:
Date of adding: February 6, 2013
Effective date: February 6, 2013
Date of change: July 23, 2015